Thursday, 25 June 2015

Lost in Beautiful Venice Venice on Water
Venice from the Water...
Okay, can we all just take a moment to admire this place? I could gaze all day long! Last October, I literally visited one of the most beautiful cities I have ever laid my eyes upon, beautiful Venice in the soul of Italy. Visiting Venice is possibly every dedicated wanderlust's goal and I have honestly never felt so fortunate in my life. It is truly a city of captivating mysterious beauty, every street is cobbled, some silent, others crowded with unknown people, living the lifestyle we could only dream about. I could happily get lost in the ornate like film set that's suspended on water for endless hours. If you ever get the opportunity to visit, do jump at the chance. I got the opportunity to travel there with such amazing friends and being immersed into its thick city walls was a total dream come true. Venice Canals and Tower
Simply Breathtaking. 
I could honestly bubble on for another few pages and a half simply describing the place, but I think I will just let the photos speak for themselves. I took a lot of photos, and just looking back at them makes me want to buy a plane ticket and fly straight back into Venice's loving arms. It is after all well known for its romance! Although, I must admit, the only romance I experienced on my visit was with its very large supply of ice cream... Ah, I do dig a good scoop of coconut cream!

Venice has lots of architecture and I mean, beautiful buildings?Surrounding depths of glistening water? A photographers dream! There was so many quirky allies, and I just loved that each building was constantly entwined in endless canals! Marco Square and Friends on Tower
Beautiful Places with Beautiful People. 
 One thing I did notice however, was that all the smaller buildings seemed ... dead. They all seemed to be crumbling and nobody seemed to live in them. It just felt odd, that these were people's homes, yet they weren't very homely. They just looked empty and lost. Venice will always be stunning and captivating but I only visited for the day. Yet, I feel like that was enough. Venice seems like a place you can't really stay the night because you don't wish to intrude, but also, there doesn't seem much else to do. In some places it felt too crowded and overwhelming, like in and around the Rialto bridge. Don't get me wrong, I completely adored the city but I feel like Venice has so much going on that nobody knows or cares who you are. It didn't have that friendly tourist vibe and something I really adore about traveling, is getting to know the people and their culture. from Rialto Bridge
Views from the Famous Rialto Bridge. 
When I visited Italy, I feel comfortable that we did it right! We stayed out in an amazing location surrounding Lake Garda, the largest lake in Italy, and only visited Venice for the day. We got a good taste of the city, without overdosing on it and I think this way I appreciated it more. Although I do wish I could have had the time to explore the restaurants and the cute little cafes, I don't regret anything about the trip. Venice Italien Sunset
Venezia Sunset.
Visiting Venice should be high on everybody's bucket lists, it was truly an experience of a life time and one I will never forget. Signature Pink Handwriting

Thursday, 18 June 2015

Beginning Those Summer Vibes

Ah, So here we are at last! The end of school, the end of exams and the blissful beginning of summer! Like every other sixteen year old in the country, I have just survived the mass terror of taking my GCSEs and now it's all over... and I'm a bit lost. It's so strange waking up each morning without having a list of formulas to learn or a geography case study to revise. I have just spent the last two months cramming my mind with textbook facts and figures and now my life is free from all education. I can actually sit down and watch a movie, or take a walk to the park without that nagging feeling in my mind that I need to get work done. I can literally right now do ALL the things I have dreamed of doing for the past few months and the list has piled so high, I don't even know where to begin!

The relief is honestly overwhelming yet, it's also quite scary knowing that now there is nothing I can do to help me get the grades I need. Everything I could possibly do is done and all I have left to think about is that terrifying results envelope, lurking in the month of August. However, instead of contemplating my unknown fate, I have decided its time for a change! It's time to begin those "Summer Vibes". Festival Themed Summer Party
Festival Themed Summer Party.
As it was the end of the year, a good friend of mine held this amazing festival themed party, to celebrate the end of the school year and also to allow us to say farewell as technically this is our last year in compulsory education. How scary is that?!? Lots of my classmates were at the party and it was honestly pretty epic. The whole place was decked out in fairy lights, candles and hay stacks surrounding this cute little campfire. Although my clothes did suffer from the smell of smoke, it was honestly totally worth it. I had so many laughs and spent a good chunk of the time eating all the pretty party foods. at a Photobooth Party Friends Having Summer Goals
Some Classmates and Moi. 
It was one of those parties where looking back, I should have been photographing everything, I mean, there were LOTS of potential Instagram and Tumblr moments. Yet, I was truly enjoying myself that much that most photos came out as nothing but a blur. Outside Party Friends
HD Quality and a Whale. (Because why not?)
Sometimes though, I think that's what a good time is about. It doesn't matter that I lack photos but that I actually lived in that moment, I will never be able to re live that moment and so I made the most of it, while it was still there. I've decided this is what I'm making this summer about. I'm going to start properly appreciating those special moments of magic around me and begin to properly live. I want you to share that journey with me and hopefully by the end of summer, we will all look back and say we had the time of our lives! On the final day of summer, we can all look back and say the sunset was as vibrant as our happy little souls! (Okay, I really need to lay off the cheese but c'mon, that was kinda cute!)

Here's to beginning those summer vibes! Signature Pink