Sunday, 28 February 2016

The Ordinary Extraordinary

This post may just seem like a bundle of unnecessary dwellings but it could perhaps be  the purpose that will continue to make you smile for the rest of the day. It all depends on who you are and how you perceive these words. You might laugh because they are frankly ridiculous, irrelevant and make no difference in your life what so ever OR they might give you a spark of hope, love and faith. It might be the reason you say that particular thing to that particular person or it might inspire you to write a poem or song that could go on to make you the person you always dreamed about. My point is, this post is either of no importance or of a reasonably high importance but it simply cannot be just dismissed as moderately important. It's your choice to read on.

Who are you? I'm not talking about the ordinary part of you that can be labelled as a student, or an actor, lawyer, nurse.... The list goes on. I'm talking about who you are as a unique extraordinary person.

"A unique extraordinary person you say? Oh Holly! As charming as you are trying to make this post out to be, we are all just ordinary people "

Why must there be so much doubt? Within you there is something nobody has ever thought of before. You could've been the first person in the whole of history to have strung together that particular set of words. You could be the only person to have stood on that certain tile on the floor. You might've been the first person in the country to have opened their eyes this morning or maybe you are the only person in the whole world who has dreamt about a turtle flying to the moon. You might be someone's favorite person or have the best laugh in your friendship group.

You could've been the first person to smile at somebody today, or be the beautiful stranger in someone's favorite photograph. You might've been somebody's first crush or the unknown daydreamer that someone was momentarily captivated by when they saw you on the bus. You might have the nicest hair in your entire maths class or be someone's favorite person. Perhaps you are the only person to have seen that particular leaf on that tree or the only person reading this while simultaneously eating pretzels. You might be part of someone's first memory or be the image that pops into someone's head when they hear the lyrics to their favorite song. You could've been the only person to have tripped up on that step or maybe the only person to have envisioned heaven being a place filled with talking dolphins swimming in candyfloss filled fountains. You could be the only person who associates the colour orange with the definition behind "Precipitation" because one time in Geography you highlighted it that. This morning you might've been somebody's first thought, the inspiration behind someone's new effort or the comforting voice somebody heard passing by when they were just about to lose it.

The point is, you are a happening that has impacted the world in some way. Sometimes it might feel like we are lost. There are so many other people in this world, it can often feel so overcrowded and suffocating that we tend to forget about the bizarre possibilities that make us different and worthy of a good life. We tend to chance our differences out of fear that we are too odd or seemingly worthless because we hold on to comforts as irrelevant and minor as those. The extraordinary unique possibility of a "perhaps you are the only person to..." opens new doors to who we are. We may never know if any of those statements are true, but out of the possibility of all the unlikely things to happen in your life, you will likely have at least one of them happen to you. Our differences set us aside for greater things. The only person stopping you from living a better destiny is yourself. It is your choice to believe or not.

It's true that we are all just ordinary people... But it is your choice to set a positive perspective and pursue an extraordinary life.